Thursday, July 14

Who you are vs. what people see.

"I haven't had this much sex since I was a Boy Scout leader"
This post started out as a quick comment in response to a reply made in another blog about all of the rational, reasonable arguments which can be made regarding same-sex rights and such and why those self-same arguments are unpersuasive.

In short, it comes down to a difference in understanding of internal versus external, what I would refer to as orientation versus presentation.  Someone who likes the same sex has the orientation of gay whether or not anyone else knows.  Conversely person can act, dress, and generally 'present' as gay all day long, but if they like the opposite sex, then they are oriented as straight.  Put differently, a person can 'present' as a religious person, going to Church, saying the right words, etc. etc., but if they are not 'oriented' as a religious person, then it is without value.

The current position of those who are 'in power' is that matters of conscience and personal beliefs are fine and dandy, but if they conflict with correct thinking (as defined by those in power), then expressions of or actions based upon those beliefs are wrong.

In short, "We (those in perceived authority) can't change your orientation, but we can browbeat you into the closet to ensure you never present". Put more bluntly, "God may have made you like that but I'll be d-d if I have to put up with it".  The key to understanding this is that the thought process applies to religious doctrine, political views, social justice and a variety of things besides sexuality.  "You may believe in Vatican II, but you best not talk that tripe in Our church" or "Don't you dare talk any of that socialist, liberal crap around here", etc. etc. etc..  Ignoring religious/Christian issues with this attitude, the ideology is defeatist, sanctimonious, alienating and dismissive.  Going through life afraid that any threat to your authority will undermine your ideological structure (whether in politics, society or religion) is a very vulnerable and uncomfortable place.

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  1. Both Left and Right do this; this is why many young people are tuning religious people out of their lives. If you want to be Left, join a Left group; if you are a Randian, read Atlas Shrugged. You don't need religion to do politics. The fastest growing group in US religious life? "None of the Above". And no wonder. Why bother with getting up early on Sundays and putting money in the plate if you don't get anything out of it besides the sort of partisan activities and bickering you can do anywhere else and on your own dime?