Wednesday, January 30

Advice and counsel requested

Recently, there has been some lively discussion within our little Communion of churches regarding the requirements and pre-requisites for ordination to the priesthood.  At one point, I recall seeing a captioned image of some young priests which said (effectively) that none of their education and standard preparation will do any good at getting them ready to be a priest.  Though it would rankle a good deal of well-meaning folk, this isn't nearly as shocking as it sounds.  Getting degrees, no matter how good the education, rarely prepares you for the real-world application of that vocation, whether it is mending bodies, healing minds or salving souls.

So, I'm asking.

What can prepare someone for this vocation?

More importantly, how can someone prepare to be a good priest?

What qualites, skills and abilities constitute a good (that is to say, effectual) priest?

For those who have experience in this endeavour, let me put it differently.

What has served you in good stead whilst carrying out your duties as a pastor/priest/minister?

If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to an aspiring priest, what would that be?

Inquiring hearts want to know.

P.S. - If, in responding, you would prefer confidentiality, please email me privately.

Tuesday, January 8


I realise that it has been a long time, a very long time, since I have penned any substantive material to this blog.  I am certain that there is some glib excuse or quippy rejoinder, but the unvarnished truth of the matter is simple.

I have met my match.

Verily, dear readers (and I know all three of you), I have come face to face with the most disturbing and frightening of things - a person who is, in every way possible of measuring, at least my equal if not my better.  Indeed, a veritable mirror image of my own self, yet with barely enough difference to make such a doppleganger distinguishable.

Given such a formidable and singular personage, I said the only thing reasonable.

"Be my companion throughout time."

Fortunately, she said yes.