Wednesday, July 24

A tree and its fruit.

I have many friends and colleagues who have made much of the words and actions of HH Francis, sounding at times like fangirls and royal watchers with their kawaii squees of joy at every morsel of news.  I am not one who is prone to gush and I can honestly say I have never been really a fanboy.

Do not get me wrong.

What I have seen and heard regarding both the words and deeds of Pope Francis point to him being a man of real compassion and dedication to both God and Church who is putting forth great effort towards righting the institutional wrongs which have crept into the Vatican.  Where I part ways with my above-mentioned friends is that they are all a-twitter because the head of a religion is following the tenets of the faith.

 To me, it is expected.

You lead by example.

It is what the Master did and it is what all good leaders do.  That Pope Francis is doing so means, in my mind, that he has read, understood and feels the message of faith.  That others have not and do not.....well, I recall something about a tree and its fruit.

Monday, July 8

A song stuck in my head....and heart

"Even though the day be laden
 and my task dreary
 and my strength small
 a song keeps singing in my heart....

 For I know I am Thine
 I am part of Thee
 Thou art kin to me
 and all my times, all my times are in Thy hands."

 - Hebredian prayer, courtesy of the Celtic Daily Prayer book.