Tuesday, August 3

A thought experiment: Lefty-loosey and righty-tighty

Consider the following:

We state that all people are created in the image and likeness of God.

It is a well established scientific fact that whether a person is left-handed or right-handed is a combination of genetics, which gives preference, and both upbringing and social pressures which will allow or prevent that person to develop their handedness.

Thus, both left or right-handedness are accurate and valid reflections of the Creator in the creation and neither are inherently defective, despite what many cultural heritages have said.

As the choice of handedness is at least partially determined by genetics (thus in the hands of the Divine) and handedness is an inherent part of our incarnation, the expression of that handedness in one manner or the other is also not inherently defective.

Ergo, those who are left-handed are so due to the will of the Divine who has given them that inclination and to try to force them to switch hands in some way (whether by training them to use the other hand or simply not act upon those inclinations and be like everyone else) is to ask those people to deny an innate part of themselves and how the Divine made them.

None of this is a great revelation or surprise, other than perhaps talking about how you sign your name in theological terms. Well...for those of you who haven't guessed yet, this post is really about sexuality. Replace the words 'left-handed' with 'gay', 'right-handed' with 'straight' and 'handedness' and 'hands' with 'sexual orientation'.

The argument holds just as strongly, as long as you ignore the 'infallible, definite and unchangeable' dogma (which has changed three times in 20 years) of certain magisterial organizations and examine it for yourself, using reason to interpret the facts and letting your conscience be your guide.

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