Monday, March 21


This may not make sense to anyone but myself.  In 5 years, this may not make a lot of sense even to me.

There's a big difference between 'stop wrigglin' and 'taking the pill'.  The first is a tacit acceptance of what is, of being outmatched and submitting to the will of a power greater than yours.  It is a matter of the head, rationalizing where you are and attempting to make sense of the situation.  The second is the open acceptance of an offer which requires trust and is, in many ways, a matter of the heart.

After some lengthy discussions with Dad over the weekend, I have come to some realizations and at least one conclusion.  A lot of the 'head-knowledge' sunk down to my heart.  A good number of things which I have 'known', I now understand.  Lent is all about transformation, they say.  Once you can't go back.

Dad says that no matter how deep the rabbit-hole goes, He'll be there to catch me.  No matter how dark it is in there, She'll light the path.

It's real cherry flavouring, too.  :)

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