Monday, August 1

An update

For those of you (and you know who you are) who have been wondering about my reticence as of late, it is explained by the word to the left.  Yes, I have been on holiday...and a proper holiday, that is.  No visiting my parental units or 'his family', but I had a friend from back east come out and visit.

The time off was brilliant and I worked hard to fully clear my calendar so we could go and do whatever without interruptions.  This brought into crystal focus how much I have taken on in the last year.  There's choir and SCA and the RPG stuff and church committee this and church committee that. 

It also gave me the opportunity to chat at length with an intelligent and spiritual but strongly areligious person.  Folks like this are my intellectual whetstone, for reasonable discourse with a logical and open-minded individual who is all-too-willing to play devil's advocate is precisely the sort of grist I need to further hone my beliefs.  I have some thoughts, but I'm gonna let those bubble around in my head for a bit.  It's been a long week and a half.

Peace to all

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