Monday, September 26

We are experiencing trancendental difficulties....

For those of you who read this blog regularly (and I know who both of you are), you may have noticed a distinct and sudden decline in postings.  Part of that is due to mundane workload, as August and September are the truly busy times of the year for me and much of my blogging (or thinking about what I am going to blog) happens while I'm at work.

Much more serious and significant is that I've come to a bit of a wall and this was highlighted by the Sunday homily, wherein Fr. Teri talked about the questions we ask and how that reflects upon the person you are. 

Trouble is, I've pretty much stopped asking questions (at least, in the way she was talking about).  There are times when I do have some conundrum that flickers across my mind, but it is as easily banished by the answer which flies up from memory, clothed in the armour of Reason and brandishing the shield and sword of Tradition and Scripture.  I carry about with me a mental winnowing fan and have resolved the few kernels of Truth from so much chaff which calls itself dogma, doctrine, theology and religion.  One of these kernels will be mentioned in the next post.

The other matter which haunts my mind is the problem of being alone.  It's been about a year and a half now, yet each night I long for a voice to answer me as I come through the door, someone to cook for, to fall asleep next to, to wake up beside and to just be with.  There are a lot of dark and depressing thoughts, pitfalls and generally nasty places that this subject conjures, so I'll not focus on it overmuch here other than to say that it's a delicate balance between being still/listening and actually being proactive in the situation.



  1. Great thanks to Madpriest who pointed your blog out to me. I understand the being alone thing but I am used to it. I would give you a hug if I could because they help but since you are there and I am here (Ames, Iowa) it will have to be a virtual one. I have been exploring your blog and have subscribed to it on my reader. I am curious about the Catholic but not Roman. I am a Church alumni after years and years as a Christian Scientist. Long story. Anyway thanks for being here. I look forward to your thoughts. Oh yes and I love the God as He and She. in CS we refer to God as Father-Mother.

  2. Howdy Jay,

    In the first, be welcome. It is always wonderful to see new faces. I appreciate the hug, virtual or otherwise, and you are very right in that they help bunches.

    Regarding Catholic, not Roman...I am a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. In a nutshell, it is a group of churches who, broadly, embrace the promise of Vatican II without discarding our catholic heritage.

    Some of the specifics are hard to nail down, due to the diversity of opinion on matters, but what makes the communion work is that very ability to have that polity. Mr. Google can help you find out more about the ECC, if you're interested.