Tuesday, May 8


This follows up on my earlier post.

Observing recent events that are unfolding in the RC church is deeply saddening to me.  Yes, the events themselves are heartbreaking, because these are real people with real lives who have been really broken by the hierarchy.  What I find more saddening is the underlying premises which appear to be driving the current prelates.

When a Roman bishop is made, they swear fealty to the Pope and the hierarchy (a word which means 'rule of a high priest').  Note, the promises and oaths aren't with God or the people, but to the Church. 

The red of a Cardinal's robes is to signify that they are willing to shed their own blood in defense of the Church.  Not God, not the faithful, but the Church.

Knowing this, the recent actions (or inactions) of various members of the episcopacy is much more understandable, but it is even more saddening and regrettable. 

Christ said that no man may serve two masters.  It is apparent that the church hierarchy knows this and has chosen whom they wish to serve. 

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