Friday, June 22


So, no, I haven't been posting much lately.  Things have been....surreal.

Last Spring, the Divine answered the prayers I had sent and brought someone into my life - someone who is wonderful and brilliant in a thousand different ways.  As the Spring progressed, so has our love blossomed and matured into something incredibly special - a partner and soulmate.  Something for which I give thanks and praise to Dad daily (if not more frequently).

But to love someone is to love their progeny as well, and my partner has a 12YO son.  We have bonded well and seem to be developing a good and healthy relationship.

In the past 2 weeks, he has undergone two serious surgeries to remove a tumor in his brain.  That fortnight has brought many sleepless nights, stressful days and more learning about medical technology than I ever wished to. Those days and nights have truly cemented the bonds between my partner and myself, showing how well we work together and how truly compatible we are.

Throughout these weeks, my faith has been resolute that Dad, in Her most Coyote of ways, would be true to His word and that She had things in hand.  The tumor is now out and we will see in the next few days how we are to proceed from here.

But that isn't what has been surreal, for that (incredible as it is) is not the real gift.   These past few weeks have brought me something beyond price or imagining - a son.  His choice...our choice.

Words cannot express nor song convey my gratitude and thanksgiving.

And, at least this once, I can chuckle with my Dad about the joke.
"Trust me," He said.  "I got this handled" She said, "This will be AWESOME".

No, Dad, it's not just's full of awe.


  1. It is truly lovely to know that you have been blessed with someone so special in your life. Thank you for sharing about your new 'son' and I pray for his continued healing.

    1. Thank you Chris.

      I can report with gladness in my heart that things are improving with him at a rate which can only be called startling and both he and my partner are shining jewels which I treasure and bring continued wonderment and joy.

      Thanks be to God