Thursday, June 3

Even in darkness, there is light.

The last few days I have not been posting as regularly as usual. Some of that is work-related, but a good deal of it is that I have been doing a lot of contemplation and prayer. My relationship with one of my partners has ended and the other is on very rough ground. I have been with both of them for approximately five years now and, in the course of a month, I have gone from the brink of forging a permanent relationship between us all to losing them both. The two people I care most about in the world are no longer with me. I can only hope that I will be able to repair my relationship with one of them.

A good part of my mind wants to rush about, scream and shout, do something to make things better. I have not listened to that, knowing that it would do no good, but I should acknowledge it nonetheless. I have been trying hard to still my mind and listen for That Voice, with mixed success. It is a funny and ironic thing to read your old posts and their words help you. I will say one thing which has come out through this whole issue.

I have faith in the Divine, in His plan and my part in it. That has never wavered and provides me with solace in the days and nights alone. I have hope towards the future, knowing that the Plan is for my benefit even if I do not understand or know it. I have love for all those involved, including myself. I must believe and wait upon the Lord.


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