Thursday, January 27

Christ the pilot

On ships, both today and in years gone past, the helmsmen steers the ship and normally needs minimal direction to keep her on course.

In particularly trecherous waters or areas known to have dangerous weather, a local pilot is brought on board to help guide the ship through the troubled waters.  No matter how experienced a helmsman you may be, without a pilot to guide you, the raging sea can overwhelm the ship.

Just a light touch on the shoulder, a reassuring gaze or a quick reminder as to the course is all that is needed.  A good pilot knows when to guide and when to let the helm mind itself.  Further, it is not the pilot who steers, but advises and provides guidance.  The ship, and it's fate, still lies in the hands of the helmsman.

"Welcome back aboard, Sir.  I'm glad you're with me."

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