Tuesday, January 11

Sex and love...You are made how you are made

Study after study as shown what just about anyone who has been paying attention could tell you about sex.   There are some folks who are sexually aroused by the opposite sex and some who are sexually aroused by the same sex (with a statistically insignificant number being aroused by both or neither) and it is hard-wired, literally.  Much of arousal revolves around differences in brain structure, function and chemistry.  Either you are turned on by boys or girls (and rarely both/neither) and you don't 'choose' one or the other.  It's how you are made.

A recent study from University College London looks at love, not lust, and finds that love is very different.  When men and women are shown images of sexy boys/girls, different parts of their brain light up depending on their orientation.  When people are shown images of people they love, the very same parts of their brain light up.  Men and women, straight and gay. 

Love is love. God is love...and the Divine is within everyone and affects us all in the same way (if we let Her).

It's nice to see that science is finally catching up with philosophy.

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