Monday, February 7

Addendum to familial introductions.

"Trust me, this is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!"
So, one of the joys of living in my world is a rich and ongoing conversation in which the Spirit is present. Another way of saying that is that weird, unexplainable things happen all the time and the levels of synchronisity and coincidence are so improbable that it's hard to describe.  You get used to it...or drink a lot.  I've gotten used to it.

Case in point....

Sometime last week, I must have broken a bone in my foot, badly bruised it or...something.  Upshot is that it really hurts to walk.  On Sunday, for the first time prolly ever, I ended up saying 'no' to being Lay Eucharistic Minister because I didn't want to walk up there.

So, we're singing the hymn, "Here I am Lord" for the presentation of gifts and I look over.  The old deacon plumber is walking up the aisle solo, bread and wine in both hands.  He looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and nods to the altar...well, you know where that's going.  So, sure...I end up front where I didn't want to be and no, my foot didn't hurt _while I was there_.  Before and after it was sore as anything, but not while I was up there.

After mass, I went out to lunch with a friend from church.  As part of the discussion, she's talking about her dreams and she nonchalantly mentions to me that she had a dream a few days previous which told her that I had decided to be a priest.  That would be within 24 hrs of when I had, in fact, decided to formally commit to orders of some kind.  Only the parish priest and my Crone were told about that.

There's more...enough that the above-mentioned things don't faze me and normally wouldn't be worth mentioning.  Just little tick-marks which remind me that the coyote is padding about, chuckling.  

"Dude!  Trust me, this is gonna be AWESOME!!!"

Thanks, dad.

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