Wednesday, February 2

The big chill...

It's been cold here in heresy-land.  I mean, seriously cold.  When average temps for January run -11 to +6 (12-42 F), it was a breathtaking-30 (-22F) this morning and we're expected to reach a balmy -15 (5F) as a high.  When it's 20+ degrees warmer in Helsinki (yes, Finland) than in the foothills (not mountains) of Colorado... *mutters*

Weather like this always makes me think of the homeless.  We have a lot of homeless in the area due to the normally clement weather and generally tolerant attitude towards the indigent.  This year, of course, there are a lot more than usual and those 'additions' are woefully unprepared to deal with what's happening to them.  Obviously, they need help.

In the 21st century secular/capitalist environment we live in, government, especially local government, is picking up where the church traditionally has been the pillar of support.  In our present economic 'crisis', local government isn't tightening its belt, it's sold the belt to pay the bills. Between decreased revenues (less people in the pews means smaller collections) and increased costs (be it higher bills, fancy conferences, hush money for lawsuits or spendy ad campaigns) the Church has less 'free income' to spend on things like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and sheltering the homeless.  So, if the structured religious organization is too busy covering its assets and burying the silver it has, then mayhap it is time to find a servant who is more interested in being a good steward.

Note that this is not an indictment of any particular sect, but a generalized admonition. 

Just sayin.

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