Tuesday, May 24


I can only speak to my own experience, but one thing which happens from time to time is that 'Life' gives me an exam, a test to see if I have, in fact, learned the lessons which have been given to me.

I must speak to the proctor, for this past week has been finals and nobody contacted me prior so that I may revise properly.  Bugger!  More exciting, real-world exams like this are not 2-3 hour affairs, but ongoing practicums of indeterminate length where 'C' is never the right answer.

"3. Your partner of over 6 years broke things off with you some months ago.  They have returned, and wish to be 'just friends', knowing that there remains unrequited love on your part. Using the Great Commandment in the equation, derive a solution which is respectful to both you and them.  Show all work in thought, word and deed."

This is why Religious Studies and Maths should not be mixed.  What's 7 times 70 again?

(h/t to a certain priest and R.S. teacher)


  1. It is possible to wish someone well, and well away from you. Courtesy may be an obligation; friendship is not. Just sayin'.


  2. Your point is well taken, Dee. The question is whether friendship can genuinely achieved, or if it would be an exercise in awkward moments and slow, painful experiences.