Friday, May 27

Ongoing conversations with Dad

As most of my gentle readers may know, I've been going through some trouble recently and things have been 'exciting'.  Not surprisingly, there have been ongoing conversations with Dad though much of it has seemed to be one-way.  I say seemed because all too often we, as prayerful people in distress, are too busy talking to the Divine that we don't listen.  *whistles innocently*

The major thrust of my prayers in regards to this issue has been that I wish to be made whole again, that I wish to heal.  I've been talking to a lot of people, looking for some advice and counsel and getting a spectrum of opinion that ranges from the angry to the sublime.  Then, last night, after another of these discussions, I finally ran out of words.

That's when I heard The Voice.  "To be whole, you need to be empty."

The hurtful, painful and destructive elements are like a splinter in the old wound.  To heal properly, that wound has to be cleaned out and if it hasn't and the splinter remains, then the wound festers and will do naught but cause more issue.  The longer the wound is left to fester, the worse the trouble gets.  Unless the vessel is first emptied of the poison and cleaned, then the taint remains even if it is refilled with the purest of water.

One thing I have noted about the healings that Christ performed - they are never one-sided.  Whether it is the lepers or the blind men or the bleeding woman, Christ did not unilaterally cure them.  In every episode, there was a demonstration of faith by the sick that they wanted, needed, the healing power of the Divine and it was by that demonstration that they were made whole. 

It appears I have an appointment with the Great Physician.  Sometimes, the medicine tastes bitter, but He's got a great bedside manner, generous office hours and there's never a deductible.


  1. It is called giving consent. Any healer worth a anything knows they can not force healing on another. It must be consented to and then received with gratitude--and it almost always takes the awareness that a person has run out of excuses, can't do it on their own, and truly deeply wants the situation over so they can move on and move up. Amen brother.

  2. Thank ye most heartily, Colleen, for the comment. The spiritual/mystical aspects of our relationship to the Divine is a constantly unfolding wonderment to me. Coming from a tradition which never spoke about anything religious that is even vaguely mystical, it is a great comfort to know that there are others on the same (or similar) path.