Wednesday, June 22

For a friend...posted from the Remembrancer

"God is faithful." 1 Cor 10:13

THIS is the believer's sheet anchor; without this his comforts would droop, and hope would give up the ghost. We are at times shaken to pieces by unbelief, and filled with tormenting doubts. We feel nothing of the presence, power, or comforts of the Holy Ghost; faith, hope, and love seem to be quite extinguished. We have no power, and scarcely any inclination to pray; and we feel only hardness, fretfulness, and misery. We are tempted by Satan, and harassed with tormenting thoughts, so that we feel tired of this miserable life. But God is faithful; He never fails us; but appears again and again, restoring us to peace, joy, and satisfaction; and our most miserable times are often succeeded by peculiar joys. The Scriptures are opened up to our understandings, the promises are applied to our souls, and we are filled with the comforts of the Holy Ghost. Then our souls melt before God in contrition and holy penitence; we feel crumbled into dust before Him, and can only admire and adore the riches of free and sovereign grace. Beloved, in the darkest night, remember,

He will not His great self deny;
A God all truth can never lie:
True to His word, God gave His Son
To die for crimes which men had done:
Blest pledge! He never will revoke
A single promise He has spoke.

PS: Bonus track from today's reading.
The word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision:
“Fear not, Abram!
I am your shield;
I will make your reward very great.” (Gn 15:1)

Fear not, my brothers and sisters, for the Lord is our shield.  Trust in Him and She will never fail us.

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