Tuesday, June 7

Odd quote from comments in another blog

"How loyal are you to Vatican II, or for that matter, Vatican I and the previous councils?"

I have heard this sort of statement, couched in various different ways, since I started treading water in the catholic kiddie pool.  To me, it rings of 'Do you believe in the authority of the Church?  Papal authority?  Magesterial authority?' and a whole bunch of related questions which come down to 'Who's the boss of you?'

The answer there is simple.  "choose for you today whom you do serve; -- whether the prelates whom your fathers served, which are beyond the grave, or the gods of the modernists and capitalists in whose land you are dwelling;  But as for me and my house, we shall follow the Lord." (paraphrasing Joshua 24)

The Divine has given each of us a conscience to know right from wrong.  We know that if we love the Divine, we won't spit in Her face or disabuse Him in any way, but respect and follow what we know in our hearts is right.  What need do I have for a council which says that my very soul depends on obeying the Pope before  country or conscience?  What use is there for prelates who require things of me that God does not?  Why should I pay heed to priests who ape at being God, rather than being servants of God?  What use is an institution which neither teaches, preaches nor practices the words of it's founder?

I follow the Lord.  Thanks be to Her.

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