Monday, December 5

If wishes were fishes.....

Reading Colkoch's post about Bishop Eddie Long, it made me come back to something which I've said in person but I don't believe I have ever articulated here.  One of the more common visualization games that I have played (along with 'win the lottery') is 'if you had one wish for others, what would you wish for'?  This sort of imagining game is of value and interest because it reveals much about the person.  Originally, the exercise ignored the phrase 'for others', but I find it more instructive to give a gentle prod so that the questioner is encouraged to see how they would like to see change in the world.

World peace is a common answer, as is a cure for cancer, removal of suffering and an end to hunger.  Of course, I've got to be different (it's never that simple, is it?).  I would desire that everyone know the consequences of their actions. 

Consider this and consider it carefully.

Free will is, in no way, abrogated or restrained.  That said, each person would know what the effect that their thoughts, words and deeds would be and let their conscience (and/or the Spirit, as you determine how that sort of thing works) be their guide. 

Thus, Bishop Long would still have the capability to 'mess around' with male teenagers, but he would know how that sort of chicanery will harm the boys.  Similarly, certain prelates within the RC church would have the free will to decry anyone as 'unworthy', but every person who turns away from God because of their words will be known to said prelates.

So, um...yah.

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