Wednesday, December 7

The Synchratic method

I have discussed at some points in the past about synchronicity and how it seems to be a part of things in my life.  I finally understand (at least to an extremely limited part) why.  Socrates used a dialectic method of teaching.  Some Buddhists use koans.  For my beloved Coyote, it is the Synchratic method.   As I have said a thousand times "once is chance, twice is coincidence, thrice denotes a pattern."  So, this is how it works in practice.

"Hey Tim.  Here's something you probably want to see."

"Ya Dad, whatever. Kinda busy here with this unimportant thing"

"Here it is again.  It's kinda cool."

"huh....yah, right."

"Remember this?  you may wanna look at it."

"OHH, Hey there. Look at that!  Wow, that's a brilliant idea.  Thanks!"

"Such a smart kid." *chuckles*

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