Wednesday, January 11


I've been thinking again. *hears stampede of feet and cries of terror*

No, really.

Words matter.  I've said this before and it's true.  I have been thinking about how to describe where my spirituality is centered and how my religious/pastoral care is oriented.  The more I study, pray, meditate and cogitate, the more I realise that a great deal of what is held is "vital" or "important" isn't either.  They're distractions, fig leaves, window dressing or ret-cons which may be of some help (at best) or can be horribly destructive (at worst).

Does the Divine care about the wording in liturgy? That bells are rung and thuribles swung?  No.  That's for us.

What about our understanding of Theology? Surely He must care about how we think of Her, right? Mebbie, but I doubt it.  That's still us.

Our belief in Scripture!  That's vital, right?  I can hear Coyote's snort to that in my own words.  The words are ours, put down so we may understand Her better and have an idea on how He wants us to act towards others.

The Divine is love.  We are created in His image and Her likeness, we are loved for what we are.  That's the key, now isn't it.  THAT is the essential.  We are made in the image and likeness of love-that-is-God.  We are love-made-flesh, as Christ was.  Given that, we are enjoined to be what we are: Love-made-flesh.

The rest...

"In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, liberty.  In all things, love." - Meldinius (often attributed to St. Augustine)

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