Tuesday, January 10


Despite what some of my 'friends' would say, I do not live in a cave, out in the desert, atop a pillar, under a rock or otherwise engage in eremitic tendencies.  Every day, there is fresh news from the economic front about the 'great recession' and how the global economy is being affected.  Today, a story came out of Greece, who has been arguably the worst hit of all first world nations by the crisis.

Due to long-term unemployment and disintegration of governmental social services, some families are having to do what seems impossible by 'modern, civilized' standards - abandoning their own children.  Since public institutions are incapable of assistance, it is up to private organizations, like the Greek Church, to shoulder this burden at a time when donations are plummeting and the state is taxing non-profits for the first time.

For the parents who must choose, Lord have mercy
For the children who have no choice, Christ have mercy
For those who see and cannot turn a blind eye, Lord have mercy

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