Thursday, February 14

To fear or not to fear....that is the question.

The readings we had at the evening Ash Wednesday service were well tailored and crafted to give a unified message.  Yes, I get it...we're all 'dust'...which is to say that we ain't squat in the big picture...but that isn't anything new to me.  What caught my eye (ok, ear) was the great propounding of fear.  "Fear the Lord!" was the refrain over and again, yet I am called to ask why?  

Why should I fear the Lord? 

My understanding of the Divine is such that He is neither arbitrary, unkind  nor cruel, but rather She is just, loving and merciful.  Take the 'parent' analogy which is so commonplace when referring to God.  Why, why on Earth would I fear a parent who loves and cares for their children? 

How many times, when God appears to people (and God-as-Christ to his people), does the 'conversation' start with "Don't be afraid."

Why would I fear God if the first commandment of Christ is to love God with all I am?  

How can I love and fear the same person...especially when love casts out fear?

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