Monday, February 25

Where two or three are gathered....

Yesterday, the folks of Colouful Colorado were treated to a reverse-Turnerism, wherein the world was drained of its myriad hues and everything was white and shades of grey.  Driving to mass, there were whiteout conditions most everwhere.  Yet, a dozen or so of us 'committed catholics' (or catholics who should be committed) gathered, sang, prayed and were in communion with each other and the Divine.

Our guiding lenten imagery centers around the Labyrinth and the homily was about how, even though the path may not seem clear to us, if we hold our vision on the Divine above and follow Him, we will be led through the twists and turns till we arrive at the center.  Considering the weather conditions outside, I found it particularly apt.

As masses go, it was the most intimate, with an informality which is not normally seen even in our rather informal community.  And, yes....the Divine was there.

Thanks, Dad.

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