Thursday, April 1

Credo - background


The word means I believe and just saying the word aloud has a certain gravity and importance to it underlies the magnitude.


This journal is all about belief and the implications and applications thereof. It would be useful, then, to outline and circumscribe the concepts of belief, the theological and philosophical interpretations of things with an eye towards forming an internally consistent doctrinal corpus. In short, what is it that I believe, why and how does that work?

To assist in this, I believe a bit of my spiritual background is in order. I was raised in the Presbyterian Church, attending a PC(USA) (formerly PC of the USA) and went to a private school that was sponsored by a large PCA church. Around 15 or so, I felt a strong calling by God and became much more active in my church, becoming ordained as a deacon at 16 (the youngest in the history of the church).

After graduating High School, I went into the Navy and worked with the chaplain corps. I found the experience very moving and helped spark my interest in comparative religion studies. During this time, I spent time attending services and a revival at Church of God of Prophecy, where the feeling of the Spirit was strong in the church.

Returning from the service, I continued studying different philosophical and theological systems. I closely examined Taoism and Stoicism as well as some forms of neo-paganism. Eventually, I hammered out a world-view which worked well enough for me.

Then I went to a lenten service last year. There, in that small community, the Spirit was there, vibrant and intoxicating. That's when I heard the Call again. A year of soulful prayer, contemplation and study later brings us to this journal.

Throughout this long and circuitous journey, one abiding principle has guided me at every turn and in every way.


I believe.

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