Monday, April 26

Reflections on Spring

While I have been ruminating and cogitating here on this blog, the wheel of the year has turned in true. The slumber of winter is over and Nature is shaking off her algid drowse and putting on a crown of flowers and an emerald cloak of leaves. Sometime last week, the spotty-brown meadows were turned overnight into swards of green so shocking and bright that people would believe the photos are altered.

As the cycle of the year processes, we too should consider processing in our journeys. The cold winter of contemplation and the Lententide of reflection is over. Now is the time for renewal, for new growth and for a celebration of the natural world around us.

Spring is a reaffirmation. No matter how hard the winter, how difficult things are, they cannot last. For myself, it is a singular reminder of the subtle and simple nature of the Divine.

I would challenge you to look about for the signs of Spring. Whether it is verdant growth, the birth of new creatures, buds pregnant with glorious blooms or the return of birds, note them all. Consider the Divine within them, the grand and incalculably complex plan in which we are all a part and how we are all a part of this. Feel the kiss of the warming sun and revel in the wonder and mystery that is unfolding around you.

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