Tuesday, April 27

Reflections on Ripples (and maelstroms)

Things for me have been quite interesting (in the chinese sense) for me as of late, with a whirlwind of emotions and personal matters. These recent events brings to mind something I said long ago: "The sage sits in the center of the hub of the wheel of the Universe; though the maelstrom swirls about, he remains unmoved."

Back when I was actively studying Tai Chi, we would do Chi Gung meditations. One of these meditations involved sitting perfectly still and calming your mind of everything till it was a mirror-calm lake.

Once in that place, a single thought would be as a tiny pebble, causing ripples to move across that lake, moving your mind to explore the idea, examine it's implications and consider the consequences. Where the ripple ended was far from the source and the results could be rather dramatic, yet all of it came from that tiny pebble and a calm lake.

However, if your mind was troubled then there is distraction and discord, making the mental waters choppy. Eventually (and it took me quite a while), you come to understand that you are stirring up the water and that, if you only let go of the stick, the water will eventually calm. Only then can you see the ripples.

There are times in our lives when the press of things and the cacophony of events threaten to sweep us up. Sometimes these storms blow up and over quickly. Sometimes, they are tempests which follow us around for years. Only when one sits ere-so quietly can we hear the Voice Within and see the ripples it makes.

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