Thursday, December 23


So, I was reading a friend's blog wherin he expostulates at some length about matters liturgical and how that, despite the greatest of efforts and best of intents, it appears that the mystery of the Divine has little relation to the liturgical orders and can, in fact, slip into the service not unlike the proverbial thief in the night and catch all those who are attentive unawares. 

How, the attentive unawares? 

Quite so, my dear friends and colleagues for those who are attentive are at least aware of the existence of the Divine within the sacraments as a matter of fact and proof, not theological debate.  Unawares, I say, for there is rarely (if ever any) harbinger for such a mystical visitation.  For those who are not attentive, the entire spectacle occurs in front of them just the same, whether or not the proceedings are recognized by those in the gallery.  In any event, analysis regarding such matters appear to indicate that they occur in nearly direct inverse correlation to the levels of  rigidity of liturgical purposes.

To put in terms so simple and blunt that even the most coarsely educated could divine, the more fluid the universe, the more opportunities the Divine will show Herself to those who are paying attention.  In worship, His presence will be felt more often the more often we give Her room to be felt.

Working against this is that we, individually and collectively, have been steeped so strongly in a culture which demands instant gratification, uniformity and rationalistic predictability.  We tend to crave order and structure and are quite commonly creatures of habit.   Further, we seem to forget that all of those things are unnatural.  The natural world is filled with things that are unpredictable, irrational, different and slow to fruition.  Human beings come to mind relatively instantly.

If we leave a bit more room in our lives for chaos, if we observe a ritual of life which is flexible and robust, being able and even willing to change as needed, it has been my experience that the Divine is made manifest more often, more strongly and more permanently. 

If that doesn't really make all that much sense, talk to the Boss.  I just work here.  :)

Happy Christmas to all and may the unexpected joy visit you this holiday time.

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