Wednesday, April 13

From the Daily Rembrancer

"He cannot deny Himself." 2 Tim 2:13

GOD has opened His heart to us in His word. He has told us all His mind, He intends every word He has spoken, and will fulfill every promise He has made. He cannot deny Himself or falsify His word; He can have no temptation to do so. Man may be fickle, He is but a bruised reed; Jehovah is always the same, He is the Rock of Ages.

He will have compassion on the miserable who seek His face; and show mercy to all who plead with Him in Jesus' name. He cannot cast out a coming sinner, or refuse to receive a confessing backslider. He cannot turn a deaf ear to our cries, or refuse to deliver us when we call on His name. He will take His own time, but will never dishonour His faithful word. He will be rigidly faithful, both to His threatenings and promises.

Let us take courage and trust in Him; we have His word, it is true, from the beginning; we have this assurance, that HE CANNOT DENY HIMSELF. Let us then stay ourselves on the word of our God; let us trust Him, though the night be dark and the burden be heavy. He exhorts, "Trust ye in JEHOVAH for ever, for in JAH, JEHOVAH. there is everlasting strength."

Comment: There are days when it is so very hard to see The Plan, to hear God's Voice.  There are nights when destructive doubt has us ask questions with no good answers and to wonder if the Divine has our back.  The simple truth of things is that She does, for He could not be who She is if He did not.  If we ask, we shall receive.  If we wait upon the Lord, He shall provide.  Mayhap not with the way we expect or with the speed we would like, but the Calvary is coming...just wait for it.

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