Saturday, February 11

Another strong voice joins the Choir Invisible

Bruce speaking out against
mountain-top removal
months before his death
Bruce Cassidy of Frankfort, Kentucky, ended his long battle with cancer yesterday.  Bruce was a tireless orator and activist for social justice from the Ciivil Rights era through the months proceeding his passing.  Raised Irish-Catholic (it's one word, you know), Bruce came of age when Vatican II was coming to fruition.  His life and his work remains a strong embodiment of the values of those times and a concrete example of how those values are still valid today.

Bruce had a gift, a charism if you will, when it came to social connections.  He knew everyone in Frankfort, from the homeless to the Governor, knew their lives, their tragedies and triumphs and related to everyone there with a equanimity which belies the true meaning of the word compassion.

His experiences with the Roman Church caused him to leave their fold, yet I would argue in terms that I normally would reserve for Michael Judge and George Romero that his deeds, words and motivations were more catholic than those being pronounced today by the 'faithful' in that community.  His wit, his humour and his friendship will be sorely missed.

Until we meet again, Bruce, my our loving Father hold you in Her arms.

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