Thursday, February 16

Those who have ears, let them hear

Christ used that phrase to signpost something important and difficult.  I'm borrowing from the Master here because that is how it was related to me.

I have been reading and listening to a LOT of heated rhetoric back and forth in the media and on teh intarwebz.  I have lots of opinions about who may have the right of things and who need a swift kick in the keester.  Far more importantly, there is something which may be lost in all of the hollerin that we NEED to remember.

Those people, yes..'those' people with the crazy ideas which will be the death of (insert institution here).  Those people? 

They are us. 

They are well-intentioned folks who are attempting to sort out the world as much as 'we' are using the limited toolset of experience and knowledge.  Just like us.  That applies equally to the atheists and to the zealots, to the princes of the church and the princes of this world, to the radical conservatives and liberals and everyone in-between.  We are all, at base, trying to do what we think is right, fitting and proper.  If we're serious about being followers of Christ, then consider how you would want them to treat you before you pen an incendiary missive or kick a can of petrol onto the comment bonfire.

Those who have ears, let them hear.


  1. There is no god. Basing your life on a fantasy figure is insane.

    1. If your study, reflection and life experience leads you to conclude that there is no God, then I hope that such conclusions serve you well.

      That said, I would hope that you would recognize that the study, reflection and life experiences of others have lead them to different conclusions which are no more or less valid than your own.