Wednesday, February 8

apologies for not posting, I has a sad

There is a point one reaches where the spittle-flecked invective and shrill, self-righteous cries become too much, when knowledge that honest, well-meaning folk are at each others throats with rage-blinded vehemence which turns into a bitter stew that bores a hole in your soul.

That would sum up my feelings regarding news items in the last week or so. There are so many stories that they start to bleed into one another.  One Million Moms tries to strong-arm J.C. Penney because they hire the hippest lesbian on the planet, the Koman Foundation (the Race for the Cure folks) decides breast-cancer screening is less important than abortions in publicly killing funding for Planned Parenthood, the 'faithful' in an uproar over the government requiring insurance companies to cover contraception as part of prescription plans, Proposition 8 being soundly defeated, ensuring a U.S. Supreme Court rematch.  The list goes on and on.

So yes, I has a sad.  I has a sad for the teens who see adults acting like irrational children, who cannot but equate the God of love and inclusion with hatred and exclusion.  I weep for those who contemplate suicide tonight because parents would turn their own children out into the street because the way God made them isn't what they (or their church) want.  I grieve for those who would believe that acceptance, love and peace are unimportant compared to a morally superior position.

How important is a theological argument when Christ freezes in the street?  What use is moral superiority when the Prince of Peace goes hungry?  Where does the balance lie when weighing doctrinal purity against the blood of the innocent spilled by those who wish to be right more than be a servant of God?

Kyrie eleison
Chirste eleison
Kyrie eleison, Eleison imas olous