Wednesday, March 21


Things used to be so much simpler.  I could just float on through life, obese, obtuse and oblivious.

Now I see it.  I see the good and the bad and the ugly everywhere I turn.  I see what can be done, could be done, should be done and yet what so very little is being done.

In my office, I have an image from the BBC that I've printed out.  A lone Burmese monk stands, back to camera,  facing a crowd of 'security forces', bedecked in riot gear, shields and the ilk. It reminds me that Edmund Burke was right, "One man with conviction makes a majority".  There is a danger in that, though.

Once you know the truth...that the world can be changed, that we can make a are dangerous to the powers that be, to yourself and to others.  Whether you are tired woman who won't sit in the back, a handful of bois refusing to 'go along quietly' or one man who stops on his way home from market to halt a column of tanks, getting up and saying 'this shall not stand' is frightening indeed and once you open your eyes to that possibility, you cannot unsee it.

It means that every day, you see what needs doing while everyone else bumps along, oblivious, obese and obtuse.  Every day you know what CAN be done when everyone else says that it can't.

"Let your conscience be your guide".  Thanks Dad.  *grumbles*

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  1. This is, for me, an incredibly challenging post. Thank you.