Tuesday, March 6

Trolls and talking amphibians

Thank you, Admiral.  We know.
I know that my blogging has been cut back recently, and the reason is due to Lent. 

Long ago, I was taught that where the mind focuses, your energy goes and that energy is what helps create what is. I have recently had several experiences which have driven the validity of this teaching home, so my Lenten journey this year is to focus my mind on the core teachings of Christ.

So....looking at the news and blogosphere, there is a tremendous amount of  mental focus and energy being poured into things which appear to be downright destructive (at worst) to having no benefit (at best).

The causative agent is, predictably, a  public figure, 'entertainer' or prelate making outlandish claims or backing outrageous positions and watching the hornets nest get all stirred up.  Of course, the idea behind making outlandish claims and backing outrageous positions is just that...to get people outraged.  It breathes life into an otherwise lifeless cause and helps draw battle-lines and muster troops for a fight that only those sounding their clarion call will win.  In short, the people at the center are playing as trolls and their shrill screams are a trap.

Don't do it.  Don't feed the trolls and don't fall for the trap.

If we are called to love the Divine and our neighbours, then focus your mind towards that.  I am not suggesting that we, individually or collectively, become disinterested and disengage entirely.  Not at all.  Instead, we need to keep focused on loving others and honouring G-d and mud'rasslin a pig (metaphorically speaking) will do neither.  

Before you post or holler or protest, answer yourself honestly: Does what I am to do or say help create the Kingdom of God or does it feed the trolls?  Will my actions be unitive or divisive?

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