Tuesday, April 3

Bookend to Lent

I started this season of Lent talking about how it is about the turning of the seasons when the cold, fallow grounds from Winter warm under the lengthening days and bring forth the new growth.

Did I mention that Dad reads my blog?  Did I mention She has a sense of humour?


Spring is a time of growth, of renewal and change.  Sometimes that change is the gentle rain and warming sun, but as often it is through wind storms that sweep away the old, dead detritus of the past in gusts which rattle the shingles and make the dog bark at invisible invaders.

Either way, it appears that new, green shoots are popping up and flowers are trumpeting the Spring.  And yes, they're happening outside of my head, heart and soul...too.  I'd love to say more about this whole thing, but to do so would imply I have a bloody clue what's going on or what Dad's got planned.  Which is to say, I'd be lying like a cheap rug.  If things become more apparent, I'll keep y'all informed.  Until then, stop and smell the flowers.

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