Tuesday, April 10

We named the dog Indiana.

Things have been....interesting as of late.

I've been working on another post for three days now and it is just NOT coming together.  I know what I want to say but as I reflect upon it, I realise it really doesn't matter.

As the wheel of the year turns from Lenten spring into the warmth of Pentacost, so too do the tenderest shoots of spring harden off and start to grow in earnest.  I must admit I feel like Indy there, taking a step of faith into what looks like certain death.  Yet, Dad says "trust me" and I do, only to find that She won't let me fall.  Doesn't make it any less scary to take that step, but I'm getting a bit more used to invisible bridges and warm chuckles which seem to say "see, I TOLD you it'd be awesome!" 

Looking in the mundane world, I see so many religions these days who seem to have forgotten how all of this works.  Paraphrasing James, true religion is to do good works and to keep yourself out of the affairs of the world, yet so many are enraged and engaged with canons and covenants, politics and prelates, miters and money.  That's not what the Good Work is about.  In fact, that's precisely what it is NOT about.  It's about thinking of others, being better than you believe you can and answering the Call when it comes.  It's about being a dog for God.  Loyal, hard working and eager to do what is asked of you.

What? Nazi's in the Vatican?  I'll grab my fedora and be right there, Sir.

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  1. I think that the older one becomes, the easier it is to let go and trust. Of course, it might be that I'm slowly realising that when I try only with my own efforts things tend to be crap.