Tuesday, April 3

Holy cow

There are times when I realise how far down that road I have traveled. There was a point when I was part of the herd, .then I went my own way, deep into the wilderness alone.  Now, I can say that I have returned, but I am fundamentally changed from how I used to be.

I mentioned before about not being able to unsee things.  So, too, once a person has transcended to the next developmental level (whether it's Lonergan's stages or Rohr's levels of consciousness) one cannot go back.

What amazes me is how slowly and inexorably these changes have occurred.  It isn't as if there was a single epiphany or 'come to Jebus' moment...well, not so much with the theology, at least.  Rather, it has been slowly and carefully going on for some time until, when I read or listen to the 'herd' view, it becomes razor-sharp how much things have changed for me.

Originally, I had an image of a guard dog with the sheep, but i think the above picture is more accurate all the way around.  The dog is separate, apart and different from the herd, but a lead cow is of the same stock and is part of the herd.  She's not in control or in charge other than by consent of the herd and doesn't bark and make a fuss to coerce the herd this way or that.  No, she just does what she thinks is right and the rest can follow along or not as they see fit.

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