Friday, September 10

The humanity of Christ : Sniper Jesus edition

The image to the right is courtesy of my newest follower, myclericalerrors. His blog is both amusing and thought-provoking. Welcome.

Seeing this image made me chuckle, but it also brought back the thoughts about the humanity of Christ. We say that Jesus was human like us in every way but sin. As I have mentioned before, the word we translate as 'sin' also translates as 'err' and literally comes across as ' missing the mark'.

'Sniper Jesus' never missed the mark.

Now, I've done a lot of shooting in my day and I'm actually a pretty fair sniper. To be good, you need to take into account environmental factors, know how to overcome your own fleshly frailties and cultivate patience and a calm mind, focused on the target and free from distractions.

Sounds like pretty decent instructions on life, when you think about it. Focus on the goal, be aware of the situation around you, be patient and take your best shot.

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