Wednesday, September 22

Reflections on promiscuity

Considering that my current audience is either Family or Friends of the Family, I'm going to unload on an issue that was briefly brought to light at the recent Pridefest which I spoke briefly about here.

I had the opportunity to spend a very wonderful day chatting with Padre F, who is an openly gay priest working with a nearby parish.  Over the course of the day, two unrelated issues were briefly raised which I realize merit far more reflection than have been given mention here or elsewhere within the Family-friendly religious atmosphere.  Considering the difference and importance of each, I intend on splitting the discussion into two separate posts.

The first is the matter of promiscuity and the 'gay lifestyle'.  I have spoken about this in the past, but it is important enough to mention again.  The prevailing societal norm is that the single lifestyle is promiscuous.  This intersects with the gay community principally in that gays aren't legally permitted and are not socially encouraged to marry/form long-term relationships.  That doesn't mean that some of us don't try to buck the trend, but mainstream society is hard to counter and if we, as the voice of conscience-driven members of the Family want to change the discourse, we need to engage this conflation head on.

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