Wednesday, September 22

Refections on the 'T' in GLBT

This continues the reflections which came out of the Pridefest and discussions with Padre F.  Even more than usual, I would actively request comments and thoughts from those of you who come by these posts.

The second issue is problematic and far more sticky, which is the 'T' in LGBT.  Unlike the other letters, Transgender issues are matters of gender identity, not gender orientation.  Please note that I am not referring to those who are transvestites (those who want to societally identify as a gender different from their biology) but rather those who believe, for whatever reason, that they are internally a different gender than their gross biology would indicate.  To put in colloquial parlance, a transgender's electrical work doesn't match the plumbing.

My personal belief is that gender orientation is imbued by the creator and there is nothing 'wrong' or innately sinful with whatever orientation one may have.  Further, I believe that our biology (both gross and subtle, plumbing and electrical) is an innate feature of us as part of creation, given to us by the Divine.  I believe that while we, as finite and fallible creatures with but a dim idea of the universe around us, can make mistakes, the Divine is infinite in knowledge and does not make mistakes.  Thus, while I respect and will defend the rights of those to 'change the plumbing to match the electric' (just as I will defend abortion rights), my personal feelings regarding this causes me a lot of grief.  I'm not sure how to balance this, in honesty, as I recognize that the Trans- community will probably never gain any sort of acceptance or respect without someone being an advocate (which, it seems, the remainder of the Family has been chosen to be) and yet it is a fundamentally different issue than what we're about.

To my eyes, it isn't about acceptance and love of another, but a rejection of self and, indirectly, of the Divine.

I have problems with that.

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