Tuesday, July 27

A simple request

I know that there are more folks who read this than say anything. I would ask for prayers.

My former Brother-in-law is...well, they're meeting today with the ethics committee to 'decide' to remove him from life support. He has been ill for many years and it is his wish. Still, that's easy words and hard deeds to, as Daddy Cecil put it, kill your own son.

Thus, I would ask for prayers.
Not for John, for his life is at a close and I am certain his eternal reward is at hand.
Not for myself, for I am at peace with this and, honestly, consider it a sweet release.

Rather, I ask for prayers for the family he leaves behind. His father James, wife Evelyn and sisters Kris and Naomi. May they find the love, compassion and peace that passes all understanding in during this difficult time.

Kyrie Elieson

Christi Elieson

Kyrie Elieson

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