Wednesday, July 21

What the......

I had a very....interesting experience that I'm still trying to suss out, so bear with me folks, but I felt that I should put it down to paper.

Our church hosted a discussion regarding the present immigration 'issue' in the US today, with a good number of community leaders who are non-parishioners in attendance. Included in this group was a number of hispanic teens who spoke out about this issue with passion and earnestness. At some point in the near future, I'll discuss the mundane aspects of the discussions, but that's a reflection for another day.

When we started, the teens all said that they were there to meet friends and allies in the 'good fight' as it were.

As the informative and interesting discussion wound to a close, there was a call for final words, especially from those who hadn't spoken up. Now, anybody who knows me knows that I wasn't quiet during the two hours we had together, so I wasn't gonna say anything. Yet, I felt a need to say something....not entirely sure what. And then, things happened.

"I may be talking out of school here, but to paraphrase something we've heard a few weeks ago, 'There is no male or female, no slave or free, no american or immigrant, but we are all brothers and sisters in Christ'. The motto of our church is 'All are welcome' and you are all welcome here. It is not something which is on our lips, but it is something we do."

Thoughout the whole little spiel, there was a building...pressure isn't the right word exactly, but rather a force (energy?) within which is rather inexplicable. Then, it was suddenly gone.

What the.....

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