Thursday, July 1

Such a simple question.....but not as simple answer

As noted in my previous post, I was asked the question Why?

Why do you believe?
Why Theism?
Why Christianity?
Why the ECC ?

For myself, it comes to direct empirical evidence. I believe (and believe in the Divine, whom I will call 'God') because I have had 'an experience' which I cannot explain by methods other than to say that the Divine was directly involved. That experience has fundamentally affected my outlook on the world.

During my searching for the Divine in philosophy and religion, I found a commonality which rings true throughout all of them in the day-to-day application, with most of the differences between the groups being in the theoretical and/or culture-specific stuff. As I was raised as a Judeo-Christian in a Judeo-Christian society, remaining within general religion that is my socio-cultural norm is comfortable and has no direct conflicts with the underlying philosophy.

As to the specifics, I found and remain with the faith community I am at because I have seen/felt the Divine actively at work in the lives of those who I share this faith community with. Upon investigation, the underlying beliefs of said community accurately reflect the core values and general revelations which I have had regarding the nature of the Divine and how we, as mature members of the world community, should guide ourselves in word and deed from day to day. Finally, I would add that the leadership, both local and distant, official and unofficial, are consistent in their support of a personally directed, individualistic spiritual journey (no matter where it may lead), something which I have never experienced previously.

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