Friday, October 28

Enough is enough

My good friend posted a rather disturbing story today and my reply morphed into a post of it's own.  The substance of the story is that some punk in high-school beat another kid badly enough to give him a concussion and the need for dental reconstruction.  The attacker was suspended for three days from school.

How do we know this happened?  Oh, because this was during class.  Because somebody made a video of the attack with their mobile and then posted the video on facebook.

Did anyone help?  No.    What about the teacher?  She wasn't even there.  Did anyone speak up, step in or do anything?  No.  The victim gets a trip to the hospital and the bully gets a 3-day suspension (less than if he'd been caught with liquor at school).

This is one of the few instances when I channel the OT, smitin and lightnin g-d.  Every person in that room is complicit.  All of them, sinned by omission.  The teacher, the staff, the principal...all complicit.  There are millstones and a briny deep for each and every one of them.

Enough is enough.

Saying "it gets better" isn't enough, because it won't.  It won't unless we, individually and collectively make it better.

We are called to be the voice for the voiceless, to stand for justice and to help the helpless.  We are the hands of Christ.

We can make it better and with God's help we will make it better.

But we have to do that.  It's on us.

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  1. How very true... and ever since I heard about the "it gets better" concept (for lack of a better word) it has been bothering me, because it diminishes what it IS now. It will not get better unless we all adopt a zero tolerance policy. Or at least most of us. Thank you for sharing this.