Monday, October 24

glasses of the heart

This weekend has been of interest and has brought something into crystal-focus which I believe I have been ignoring.  Without going into the sordid and personal details, let us say that what was is now, unequivocally and irreversibly no more.  I have intellectually known this to be for some time, but my heart held out hope - for naught.

I have been mulling over the possible lessons to be learned from all of this.  Of course, I have been talking with Dad about these things and trying to grasp what's going on.

The reply was thus:  "Before you fill a glass, it must be empty."

Beyond the obvious, personal implication of this profound statement, there is a question posed regarding the wider, collective conscience and scripture/tradition.  How much that is disused, no longer applicable and generally gathering dust do we, as Christians and Catholics, keep around?  How much detritus and debris which we've never bothered to sweep away is left cluttering up the place, making it harder to have space for more current understanding of the Divine and the world around us.

Right.  I need to get out my psychological dustpan and sweep things clean so that when the new stuff arrives (whatever, whoever and whenever that may be), I'll have an uncluttered spot for it.  I think between the comfy couch of non-conformity and the armoire of hopes and dreams.

My, but look at all the dustbunnies.


  1. It's pretty hard to put new wine into old wine skins--especially if the old wine skins are still full of wine now turned to vinegar. The problem too many of us humans have is letting go of the vinegar.

  2. I have a very strong suspicion that I will be making a similar decision very soon. I'm still hoping probably for nought and so I congratulate you on managing to take the great leap forward.