Thursday, October 6

Requiescant In Pace

Thirteen years ago, Matthew Shepherd died after a long and cruel ordeal not two hours from where I sit in one of the most liberal/progressive areas in this country  His death brought to light the ugly and intolerant nature which lives in the hearts of some and started the conversation about bullying and homophobia on a national scale.

In a few moments, I am going to leave for a meeting at my parish where a lot of straight folks half-again my age are looking to understand what others go through on a daily basis by being honest with who they are.

If it weren't for Matthew (and others like him), this conversation would never be happening.  Don't forget how far we've traveled in those years and yet how far the road is ahead.  May the promise of a better tomorrow temper the sorrows of auld lange syne.

Thanks to you, Matt.  Rest in peace with God.

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