Wednesday, October 5

The gay thing...It's a choice (part deux)

I have updated my earlier post twice now and realise I really should just make a second post.  As I said previously, the Divine has made me in Her image just like you and everyone else.

Some are left-handed, some are right.
Some are brown-skinned, some are white.
Some are blonde, with hair in plaits.
Some are gay and some are straight.

Your choice is what to do about it.  Before I talked about dealing with others.  Now I'm talking about you.

Do you accept who you are, what you are and why you are?

Do you deny these things, try to change them or loathe yourself because of them? 

Do you accept the gifts that the Infinite and Almighty have given you or do you spurn them?

Do you see the Christ within and the Christ in all?

Do you let others dictate your self-worth and value (as if they have the right to judge)?

It's your choice.

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  1. i have a apostolic family i dont follow their ways but who cares because i am gay and nothing can stop me from being me