Monday, October 17

Ignoring the hand

This all starts about a week ago when someone very close to me said that her cousin was in hospital and in grave condition.  The guess was that he OD'd, but honestly, nobody on this plane will ever know for sure. The cousin is my age and has been openly gay for years.  As he decided whether or not to shuffle off his mortal coil, half of the family was making fumbling attempts about being supportive while the other half was warming up the band to dance on his grave.  All of them good Christians, you know.

Dad and I talked and I did what I do.  On Wednesday, the matter was settled and he passed on.  In the end, I know that said cousin rests in the arms of the Divine, despite what any prelate or preacher would tell you. 

Today, I read of yet another boy who, at least partially due to bullying, decided that it won't 'get better' and chose to take up arms against his sea of troubles.  Jayme Hubley was 15, had started the rainbow alliance in his school and was active in trying to make this world a better place.  

What grieves my soul is what put both of them there.  It's what put Jamie and Seth and Jayme and Billy and Chris and all the rest there.  This felt need to escape.  There are a raft of things which fill the bill, from TV to 'the homosexual lifestyle' to drugs and even suicide, but all of them are escaping. 

Escaping a world which is seems uncaring at best and actively hostile at worst.  Escaping a world filled with inhumanity and solitude and hopelessness.  Escaping a world filled with grave-dancers and haters, of narcissists and navel-gazers.  These things are also a cry.  A cry for help.  A cry in the darkness.  A cry asking if there is anyone out there and does anybody care.

If we are the eyes and hands of Christ, then we NEED to see these people.  We need to hear their cries and we need to answer them.  We need to grasp the hands of the men and women who are drowning and let them know that our God, through us, hears their cries, feels their pain and DOES give a damn...does love them...does care.

If we do not, then all of the theology is for naught, all of the preaching is but words and all of the Scripture is dust.

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