Wednesday, October 13

I kan haz U-ker-ist?


I've been attempting to write something insightful, meaningful or even witty, but I have no brain.  For over thirty years, I've been constantly asking questions, looking for answers and wanting Father to provide insight.  Well, He did.  So, now, for the first time ever, I'm without questions.

I look at current events and see nothing worth saying much about.  It's all so transparent, shallow and, well, I know what's important will be handled by the Boss (no, I don't mean Bruce Springstein) and if there's anything for me to add or help with, He knows I'm ready.

The readings are so plain that making commentary would be re-inventing the wheel.  I stare outside at the wonderful, glorious view of Creation and just giggle like a school-girl, cause it's so obvious that a blind man could see.

So, I sit here, listening to Gaelic Storm (wonderful Irish-celtic band with funny music), typing over the cat in my lap while the dog snores away on the couch to my right.  What could I possibly say at this point?

Duh! There is ONE thing.

Thanks, Dad.  Glory and honor are yours.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, have an adorable kitten cause...well...adorable kitten.

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