Tuesday, October 12

Like a neutered dog...I just don't get it.

Ok...I'm going to admit a failing on my part.  I've read and listened and thought about this at some length and I keep coming up with goose eggs.

From pretty much everything I've read and studied, the central message of Christ's teaching, the sum of all the law and all the prophets, is to love God with all you've got and to love your neighbor (which I read to be all of God's creation) as yourself.

If this is so, then why are christian groups, who espouse that they follow Christ's teachings, so full of hatred and disdain for those who they deem unworthy? 

Even assuming that these organizations believe (wrongly, in my opinion) that those who are 'unworthy' are the enemies of their faith, Christ says that one should love your enemies.  How can someone declare that they follow the Prince of Peace and yet openly promote violence?  How can someone worship God (who is love) and yet advocate hate?  How can anyone say that they follow that Nazerene man who said 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' and yet deny the Bread of Life and Saving Cup to any who earnestly desire it or condemn another person for how they were born?

No, I'm not posing rhetorical questions or trying to be sarcastic (despite what it may seem).  These are questions asked in earnest.  There must be something I'm missing here, some text or principle which eludes me, for this thought process seems deeply ingrained in most all of the Christian faiths.  Many of you who read this blog are far more learned and experienced in these sorts of things, so I am turning to you for assistance.  Please enlighten me.


  1. Yours are the thoughts and reflections of a kind and decent person amidst a world of mad-people. Christ taught the truth; but (for the most part) humankind has never been able to accept it. Fear drives people to desperation and religious fear drives them to embrace desperate theology. So, today in America, we have "false" Christians who profess to accept Christ with their lips, but deny Him in their hearts and in their actions. This is true for simplest Fundamentalist believer to the so-called Princes of the Church.

    Well, you know all of this, of course. I am not telling you anything new. Your open-ended questions simply encouraged me to answer. Your heart is in the right place. Keep it there. Blessings.

  2. Rev. Tom,

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. It seems so frequently that I'm the only one to see such things and, as I'm sailing without a map, there is a lot of second-guessing my own observations as I make my own way. It is nice to know that I'm not entirely mental, then. :)

    I feel compelled to mention that I have combed through your multiple blogs and find great value in your insights. I don't believe that the path of the contemplative is my way (at least, not now), but your observations and musings are enlightening, instructive and have done much to spur on my own development.

    Thank you, for everything.


  3. Why are they full of hatred and distain? Because they aren't Christians. They follow the Leviticite Gospel into which the light of Christ doesn't shine.

  4. My dear Reverend Professor, your hood and gown are showing. :)

    I am guessing that the term Leviticite applies to a person who attempts to selectively impose the Old Testament law (in especial, the dictates of Leviticus) upon others without having the common decency of applying the whole of the law upon themselves first. The inconsistency of the whole thing is baffling, especially as there's no manner of reconciliation.

    This seems nearly as antithetical as having a complex, legalistic structure in Christianity considering Christ was all about removing the complex, legalistic structure in Judaism.

    It...the whole thing makes my head hurt and my heart ache. That so many well-intentioned and good people have been misled, so many sheep herded down this path of judgment and division, fear and hatred. I just wish there was a way to...never mind. That's above my pay-grade.

    Well, I'm not pleased with your conclusion but I find it informative and, as always, I appreciate your insights.